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Living in Las Vegas Staying Youthful Looking

Residents of Las Vegas know all too well the meaning of extreme weather. With thechanging seasons comes dry winter skin, and now that the holidays fast approachingit is time to focus on your skin care regime. Dry climates equal dry skin. Not to mention, dry skin is uncomfortable. It draws out the moisture from your skin leaving you with a less youthful glow, andcan lead you looking older than you really are. It’s easy to ignore daily skin care but when you live in a dry state like Nevada, understanding your skin first is the basis of a good skin care program.

An important part of our mission is sharing our expertise with you. Using the latest VISIA technology, a Skin Spa specialist will take ultra-violet and digital photographs to assist in evaluating your skin. Your face will then be thoroughly cleansed and analyzed for type and condition. To round out your consultation, we will formulate a customized program, and skin care treatments.The medical-grade products we use are available in our retail boutique by prescription so you can maintain the restorative effects at home between treatments.

We carry the following lines:

Obagi® Medical -offers an extensive line of clinically-proven, by-prescription-only skin care systems and products designed to help revitalize, enhance and maintain beautiful skin for life. The following sampling of systems meet the needs of all ages, all skin types.

SkinCeuticals®– dedicated to providing advanced skin care backed by clinical evidence. These products contain pharmaceutical grade active ingredients and are dispensed by-prescription-only under the supervision of Dr. Weiland to cleanse and tone, prevent, correct, moisturize, and protect.

Éminence Organic Skin Care – body and facial products are a natural approach to skin care. Produced using sustainable farming and green practices in Hungary, Eminence products only use ingredients without harmful chemicals or additives to allow premium results for all skin types. These products are made-up of essential oils and coloring and scents from fruits, vegetables, herbs and teas.

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup -This is THE Skin Care makeup. Jane was the first to introduce mineral makeup. It is made with minerals and pigments that allow the skin to breathe. Her products provide anti-inflammatory, weight-less coverage, it’s a foundation, powder and concealer all in one. The products will not clog pores, carry a lowallergy risk, contain no talc or parabens or synthetic ingredients and provide sun protection.

Corrective Skin Therapies – Our medically-advanced peels are custom-designed just for you. Using clinically-proven, professional products by BioMedic® and SkinMedica®, we deliver great results when our peels are routinely combined with a prescribed, at-home skin care regime.

In addition to the above, remember to always wear sunscreen. The number one case of premature aging and wrinkles is sun damage. Make better food choices reduce your intake of junk food, Watch foods high in fat and sugars. Hydrate drink up to 8 glasses of water a day.Moisturize its one of the most important things to prevent sagging and dull aging skin. Use oil-based products that retain water on the outer layers of the skin.

Preventing premature aging is a priority at The Weiland Group. Call today (702) 254.0500 to schedule your complimentary skin care consultation with Dr. Weiland.

Mommy Needs a Lift

Mommy Needs a Lift

Women who have had children know what a blessing they are. They also know that the fluctuation in weight during pregnancy, and nursing can lead to many changes in a woman’s breast causing them to sag. A Mastopexy or Breast Lift to raise and reshape sagging breasts would be a great procedure to correct this condition.

Breast lift surgery is a common cosmetic surgery procedure which women use to regain that youthful appearance they had before childbirth. Also, to restore breasts to a more lifted position while improving their shape and firmness. Please note that a Mastopexy alone does not significantly alter breast size. If you have lost a considerable amount of volume in your breast after pregnancy you might want to consider a Breast Augmentation in addition to your breast lift.

Once you’ve decided you are done having children, as any pregnancies following this surgery can reverse the results of this procedure. Consult with a highly experienced, board certified plastic surgeon. He will evaluate your eligibility and determine if a breast lift is needed or if another breast surgery might be a better fit for your needs.

Dr. Stephen A. Weiland, is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and he will be happy to sit down with you and discuss what you should expect from a breast lift procedure or any other surgery that you might have an interest in.