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Cosmetic Surgery Financing in Today’s Market

Cosmetic Surgery Financing in Today’s Market

As the market for cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures grows, patients are always searching for new, innovative ways to pay for their treatments.

The Weiland Group is happy to announce its partnership with American HealthCare Lending. Instead of using your high-interest credit cards for elective cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures, AHCL now offers you affordable simple interest loans with no prepayment penalties, no retroactive interest, longer terms for lower monthly payments, an inquiry process that will only take you minutes to complete anywhere on any device, and the pre-approval process doesn’t negatively impact your credit.


You can wrap up all of your surgery-related costs and cover it with your AHCL loan!
American HealthCare Lending finances treatments, procedures, medications, anesthesia, facility fees, recovery care, surgical garments, travel and lodging, etc.

It’s easy. Go to, click on the AHCL logo and get started with your pre-approval process. Enter your information and our provider number. You’ll receive an email decision upon approval and funding within minutes. Then just select one of the loans offered and verify your personal information. Loans are funded directly to the bank account of the individual listed on the loan.

The Weiland Group still offers traditional payment options such as cash, cashier’s checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and lay-a-way plans. In addition, if you’re interested in opening a heath care-related credit card, we also participate with Care Credit which offers 0% interest rate for 6 and 12 months and 14.9% interest on extended payment options for 24 to 60 months.