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Breast Augmentation in Las Vegas Nevada – Saline & Silicone Implants

One of the most in-demand cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States, breast augmentation is a highly effective method for creating fuller, rounder breasts that are beautifully shaped and look and feel natural. It can be used to reconstruct a breast damaged by illness or injury, to restore breast mass lost to pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss, or to fulfill a patient’s aesthetic goals by creating the breast size and shape she desires.

What Happens During a Breast Augmentation Consultation?

Before any surgery can be scheduled, patients must sit down with their plastic surgeons for a private consultation about their planned procedure. Patients need to be prepared to talk about their medical history and their goals and expectations regarding the surgery. Ideally, the surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of the various types of implants and incisions, educating the patient and guiding the decision-making process. Complimentary procedures like breast lifts may also be discussed. By the end of the consultation, the patient should understand what the plan is for her surgery and what her recovery will involve.


Who Is a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

A consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon is the best way for women to determine whether or not they are good candidates for breast augmentation surgery. Typically, women must enjoy general good health and live a reasonably healthy lifestyle. They should be over the age of 18 and capable of fully understanding the procedure’s risks and its expected outcome. They must also have realistic expectations about the procedure’s results.

What Does Breast Augmentation Involve?

Generally performed with the patient either under general anesthesia or sedated with local anesthesia, breast augmentation involves placing appropriately sized silicone or saline implants beneath the breast tissue or the chest muscles. To minimize the appearance of scarring, incisions are made either in the armpit, around the areola or in the crease beneath the breast. Once the incision is made, the surgeon lifts the breast, creating a pocket for the implant. Once the implants are in place, the incisions are closed with stitches. The procedure should take about two hours.

What is Recovery After Breast Augmentation Surgery Like?

While recovery time will vary from person to person, patients should expect fatigue, swelling and soreness after their surgery. Depending on their situation, they may be advised to wear a surgical bra to protect their breasts while they heal. Many patients are able to return to work in a week. During the initial few weeks after surgery, the discomfort and swelling should continue to decrease and the implants will settle into place. Most patients are free to resume lower body exercises in two weeks and upper body exercises in six weeks. The incision scars will begin to diminish after a few months and will continue to fade as time passes.

Many women who undergo breast augmentation report that breast augmentation’s benefits are more than just physical. Knowing that they look better makes them feel better about themselves, providing a welcome boost in self-confidence that carries over into their personal, social and professional lives.

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