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Breast Reduction in Las Vegas Nevada

Patients choose to have a breast reduction for a variety of reasons. Women generally opt for a breast reduction when they are feeling discomfort from excessively large breasts or simply as a matter of personal preference. Men will have breast reduction surgery when they are experiencing gynecomastia, the enlargement of male breasts to the point of resembling female breasts. In some cases, breast reduction surgery is performed on obese patients of either gender to reduce the amount of breast tissue that is present.

Understanding the Procedure

A surgeon will perform breast reduction surgery, which can be performed on an outpatient basis. When performed as an inpatient procedure, it generally means an overnight stay. General anesthesia is necessary for a surgery that could last two hours or more. Most often, a cut is made around the nipple, although other incisions can be made. >From that point, excess fat and tissue, as well as skin, may be removed, reducing the breast to a more desirable size. Drainage tubes, gauze, and a surgical bra may be used as part of the treatment.

Good Candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery

Patients should be healthy enough to endure surgery. It is important to share any underlying health conditions with the surgeon, such as diabetes or heart conditions. In addition, any type of concerns with the breasts, such as the presence of lumps or previous bouts of breast cancer need to be discussed. Individuals who smoke should attempt not to smoke after surgery. The same can be said about drinking alcohol. Both smoking and alcohol complications can lead to problems with bleeding and hinder healing time. Individuals who are planning on losing a considerable amount of weight should consider waiting until they have reached their ideal body weight before undergoing surgery as their breasts will change during weight loss. In contrast, considerable weight gain can increase the amount of fat in the breasts and breast size. Maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle after breast reduction surgery is advised in order to have the best possible results. Openly discuss any concerns with the surgeon.

Recovery From Breast Reduction Surgery

After the surgery is over, it is important to follow after care instructions from the surgeon. If a patient is not staying overnight, someone will need to provide transportation and provide supervision for the first 24 hours in order to detect any problems, offering assistance as well. Ice can be applied to reduce swelling as well as ointments prescribed by the surgeon for incision areas. Clean gauze is a must as well. Patients should expect to be sore and tired for the next few days. Pain relievers are recommended in this period. Heavy lifting must be avoided, loose shirts will provide the most comfort, and physical exercise should not take place for at least a month after surgery. It is usually advised to stay home from work, or school for younger patients, for one to two weeks during the initial stage of healing.