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Eyelid Lift in Las Vegas Nevada – Blepharoplasty

Introduction to Eyelid Surgery

There is no question that age takes its toll on the body. Unfortunately, the eyes are one of the first indications of the aging process. Eyelids tend to droop due to thinning skin that begins to stretch, at times even limiting eyesight. Unsightly bags appear under the eyes while telltale wrinkles develop at the corners with creasing above the eyebrows, all working to create a tired appearance. Even though you may not feel old or tired, your eyes say you are. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, performed on either or both upper and lower lids can alleviate the problem and help the eyes sparkle once more. Many blepharoplasty patients enjoy a restored confidence in their appearance as their eyes take on a more youthful glow.

About the Procedure

The procedure itself is relatively simple. It is usually performed in a surgical center, hospital or surgically equipped office as an outpatient. After receiving intravenous sedation or a general anesthesia, the drooping upper eyelid is corrected by surgically cutting a line along the natural eyelid crease. The plastic surgeon then removes or redistributes the fat deposits, tightens eyelid muscles and decreases the amount of extra skin in the area. When the lower lid is the culprit, an incision is made below the lower eyelash line and the extra skin is taken off. Excess stores of fat are also removed or repositioned to tighten the area. An alternative method is to perform a transconjunctival incision inside the lower lid, taking out or repositioning the excess fat. Incisions are sutured or taped and after a short recovery period, the patient is free to go home and recuperate. The patient can expect immediate results although swelling of the eyelid area will continue for a week to ten days.

Prime Candidates for Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid lifts are among the top cosmetic surgeries performed today. Age is not a factor and the surgery has been successfully used on patients of all ages. Candidates who have healthy facial muscles and tissue, do not smoke and have no life-threatening sicknesses or autoimmune problems that could interfere with healing are excellent prospects for eyelid surgery. Good candidates have realistic goals and a positive attitude toward the outcome. Men and women alike enjoy the results of eyelid surgery to improve their features and add a sparkle that they enjoyed in their more youthful days.


The recovery process is relatively fast. After the procedure, the patient may experience swelling in the area with bruising and some discomfort. Eyes may be irritated or feel dry. Cold compresses applied to the area along with medication and specialized ointments to aid in the healing process relieve these post-surgical conditions. It is important to follow safe sun protection using dark sunglasses until the surgical area has completely healed. The average patient is up and moving immediately and may return to a completely normal schedule within seven to ten days. Eyelids continue to smooth as time goes by revealing a more youthful appearance.