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FacialsGreat Skin

Our Great Skin programs are customized and adjusted to meet your changing needs due to seasonal, medical and desert conditions. Our Skin Spa experts work with you to design a regime of in-office and at-home skin treatments to help you attain and maintain great skin. The WG’s facial and body treatments are medically based, physician supervised and are by prescription only. Our professional goal is for you to have great results.

Identifying You Skin Care Needs

Before your first treatment, Stephen Weiland, M.D., and a WG Skin Spa expert will analyze your skin, ask you what you would like to corrected, and then prescribe a professional skin care program to meet your personal needs. The initial evaluation includes a skin questionnaire, VISIA photo analysis and a personalized prescription.

Eminence Facials and Body Treatments

The WG has gone green! We love Eminence Organic Skin Care- the first and only certified organic skin and body care line from Hungary. These must-have facials include products that are clinically tested, hypoallergenic, free of parabens and harsh chemicals, and very yummy. Facials may be used alone, combined or alternated with our Corrective Skin Therapies. We promise to leave your skin feeling fresh and healthy with no downtime!

Hydrating Facials: Pamper Me! An enriching treatment to maintain skin balance.
Purifying Facials: Deep cleansing! Remove excess oils and reduce acne.
Men’s Facials: Relax with our corrective, cleansing treatment for all skin types.
Back Treatments: A deep cleansing reduces acne and rebalances skin.
Decolletage Treatments: Refresh, hydrate and reduce photo damage.
Surgical Support Treatments: Get and maintain healthy skin before and after surgery.